My "why" isn't hard to sum up.  Why do I design?  Because I must.  I have found through trial and error and several years that I'm in love with creating and the whole creative process; from the spark to brainstorming and problem solving, to seeing the project through and watching as the idea comes to life before me.

A love for creativity, learning, and tinkering has been passed down for generations in my family... from my grandfather to my father, and finally to me.  If there was a small way to make a task simpler or more efficient, my grandfather could find it.  He taught me to pull things apart and see solutions to problems that others didn't see.  I didn't realize that in all the years I spent with my grandfather, I was learning design.

Through my many jobs from high school through post-college life, I've worked in a lumber yard, scoop shop, deli, women's clothing store, and a sandwich delivery shop.  I got a music education degree, taught music for five years, and then made a huge switch into real estate. Finally, in January of 2017, I became the Creative Director (and Design Maestro) for Gira{ph}, a creative agency specializing in design work for the credit union industry, which is a post I serve with much care and love. 

My experiences allow me to see things from lots of different points of view.  I think that breathes life into my work as a designer.  Amidst my journey, I had no clue where I would end up. Looking back, it's clear I couldn't have gotten here any other way.

I have an incredible, supportive, and loving wife who walks with me through every step of life, and knows that I will always support her in whatever she endeavors.  We live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with our crazy dog (who we love in a very obnoxious, dog-parent kind of way... yes, we're those people), after having recently relocated from Columbus to be closer to family.

I continue to sing and play piano often.  I love cooking, kayaking, craft beer, vinyl LPs, traveling, and great food with dear family and friends.